Community banks face some of the most sophisticated and financially damaging cyberattacks, with data being an adversary’s prime target. They meet two main requirements cybercriminals require to target: profit and impact. Breaches within the financial services industry can create a snowball effect of consequences impacting an entire region.

And when community banks’ IT teams are stretched thin, they need extended support to help, guide, and ensure they meet compliance and have a strong security posture. Implementing a Security Operations Platform and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services offer expert-led, enterprise-grade security tailored to your size and budget. Designed to give community banks as much power as required, MDR services extend your security team offering speed, visibility, and context to validate complete posture and implement improvements.

Beloware some of the many capabilities a Security Operations Platform should include

User Entity and Behavior Analytics for Community Banks

User Entity and Behavior Analytics constantly analyze community banks’ operational and security data to enable emerging risk contexts in line with quick action. It is ultimately a cybersecurity process and analytic tool that monitors employees’ and customers’ daily activities. Activity is flagged if any abnormal behavior is detected or if there are deviations from an employee’s activity patterns.  

In addition, User Entity and Behavior Analytics data science identifies, detects, analyzes, and prioritizes anomalous behavior while it is happening. With this solution, the multi-layer detection approach illuminates threats stopping attackers before they complete their attack mission.  

Compliance Automation for Community Banks

Compliance is constantly evolving in response to emerging threats aimed at community banks. Keeping up with the latest compliance regulations is essential for community banks to avoid costly investigations and penalties and to ensure credibility. For example, with Adlumin, community banks receive instant access to ensure compliance against any standard or custom requirement. The platform is designed for community banks to comply with automated PCI DSS and NIST reporting.  

Compliance automation includes the following:

  • One-touch compliance reporting that graphically visualizes members, directory groups, accounts, and memberships identifying PCI DSS violations across GPO audit policies, account management, and log analysis. 
  • Automatically tracks and records all access and combines compliance details across the entire community banks’ enterprise. 
  • Reviews logs daily and retain log monitoring audit trail for one year, making community banks fully PCI compliant. 


    Are your Security Defenses Ready? 

    Adlumin is here to help community banks better secure their environments with expert-led, enterprise-grade security tailored to your size and budget. Deploying in minutes, onboarding is simple regardless of your architecture or technology. Community banks do not have to pick and choose capabilities. With a Security Operations Platform plus Managed Detection and Response Services, community banks have everything they need to maintain a top-tier security posture.

    Contact Adlumin’s cybersecurity experts for a live demo to show you how to improve and strengthen your security posture in real-time.