With mergers, acquisitions and other changes affecting the industry, data conversion projects are often viewed with dread. But ensuring your data is effectively converted has never been more critical. Without proper planning, you can risk missing data, conversions that drag on for months, data breaches, legacy hardware failures, recurring maintenance costs, increased staffing, and efficiency delays.

Going through a data conversion project doesn’t have to be painful. Some key steps up front in your planning can make a huge difference, and with the right tools and resources, data conversions can go smoothly. That’s why we’ve compiled a toolkit of what to consider before, during, and after a conversion.

What you’ll get:

3 Deep-Dives

  • Crucial Steps to Any Data Acquisition Plan

  • Tips from Peer Institutions

  • Video: Ensure Your Data is Accessible

3 Quick Reads

  • Conversion Checklist

  • Case Study: Select Bank & Trust SVP Shares Conversion Tips

  • Case Study: Citizens Bank Tackles Growth Challenges and Reduces Headaches

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