I started messing around with music production when I was 18. But truthfully, my fascination with music started when I was a small kid. I really don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t absolutely love music of all kinds; rock, pop, electronic, classical.

The job of a DJ is to dig deep and find songs, both popular and otherwise, that people are going to respond to and just have a good time with—anything that they can move to. I share my love of music with the group, and when I’m having fun, the crowd is going to have fun. So, I get everyone dancing, everybody’s having a good time. I love to see people enjoying themselves.

Ryan Monica


When I sit down with a banking client, we talk about what they’re looking to do, and I educate them on how Metairie Bank can help … Through the conversation, you discover ways to help them. Similarly, if I’m speaking with someone looking to book me as a DJ, they share their vision for the event, and I know exactly how to help them make it happen.

I’ve got three young kids, and lately, we’ve been jamming together … I’ve been involved with music most of my life, and it’s come full circle now that my kids see what I’m doing and want to jump in. It’s in those moments that I’m happiest—spending quality time with my family and sharing my love of music with them. —Christyna Yang