The idea of the family farm is becoming more and more obsolete these days. Northwest Arkansas is definitely not immune [to] urban sprawl … We do all that we can to protect that land, and to keep it as a functioning farm for that exact reason that we appreciate living in the country.

[Gardening] is my self-care. It’s my hobby that, during the pandemic, I really leaned into [and] continued to lean into even after we went back to work. I even brought plants to the office! Anyone who knows me knows that I have them everywhere. And now that I have this new greenhouse, I’m going to try to start [growing from seed] … that’s new ground for me.

We have an absolutely beautiful view that I know I am privileged to have. Our home sits on the most beautiful part of our place … We call it “The Hill.” We can see the whole valley of Prairie Grove … so the sunsets are beautiful, the sunrises are beautiful.

[Growing up on a farm] gives you this work ethic and appreciation for the land and for agriculture and for keeping that going. Everyone has to remember where their hamburger comes from, or even their salad, for that matter. It all comes from a farm. Somebody helped grow that. —Beatrice Ogeh