As new technologies and advancements in banking evolve the financial industry, understanding regulatory compliance guidelines and how they affect your community bank’s operations can feel like a never-ending maze.

While your bank’s compliance department helps ensure that your bank operates in accordance with the law and industry regulations, you may still have questions about how these guidelines affect your bank. 

With the help of ICBA’s Compliance Vault, you can find reliable regulatory compliance information and learning tools supported by the knowledge of Community Banker University thought leaders. Through this powerful search tool, member bankers can find answers to all compliance questions and ensure that your bank is operating at its best.

What is the Compliance Vault?

Think of the Compliance Vault as a modern answer to a traditional helpline. Rather than waiting to speak with an expert representative to receive answers, ICBA members can use the Compliance Vault to find answers to their compliance questions. 

This tool is a great resource to compliment all other compliance resources that ICBA has to offer such as the Compliance Deskbook, Compliance Check Up, Check Your Ad and the Compliance Working Papers. It's essential bankers have multiple resources to manage their Compliance Management System so they can explore the formats and materials that best suit their needs. 

What content is available? 

The Compliance Vault contains a vast catalog of compliance content about daily bank operations. This includes materials related to deposits, lending, FCRA, advertising, operations, BSA/AML and more. This information can be explored in several formats, including:

  • Q&A: Bankers to the Vault have access to more than 2,500 Q&As related to compliance, including more than 100 Q&As on the new 1071 Small Business Lending rule. As new questions arise from users, the available Vault Q&A content is regularly updated to guarantee that regulatory compliance materials are as up to date as possible and accessible to bankers. 

  • Documents: Search the Vault’s archive to review regulatory documents and related forms pertaining to compliance procedure. Note that at this time, the Vault doesn’t hold any documents related to sample policies. Community Banker University is currently in the process of adding selected sample policies and documents into the Vault, but bankers to the search engine will be notified if that integration takes place. 

  • Online courses: The Vault features a select number of compliance-related online sources that have been integrated into the search platform from the ICBA Online Training Catalog. Written by thought leaders and instructors from ICBA’s Community Banker University, the courses found in the Compliance Vault are only for viewing purposes and won’t track your progress within the course like traditional Community Banker University classes. 

How do you access the Compliance Vault? 

All ICBA member bankers have access to this search engine as an exclusive ICBA member benefit. All current members of an active ICBA member bank can access the Vault by logging in with their ICBA username and password, or simply creating a new account on the ICBA website. To begin using the Compliance Vault, go to and use your ICBA username and password to sign in.

After logging in, you can begin your information search in four different ways related to the content formats: 

  • Global Search: Using the Global Search button allows you to browse all content within the Compliance Vault, including Q&As, documents and online learning resources based on keyword search. 

  • Q&A: The Q&A search allows users to only search through related Q&A materials.

  • Documents: To explore just the documents in the Compliance Vault, enter the desired terms into the Documents button. 

  • Online Courses: The Online Courses button helps users search for materials within the available listing of online materials in the Vault. 

Despite the changing nature of compliance regulations, the ICBA Compliance Vault is an invaluable, reliable search tool you can rely upon to find the answers you’re searching for.

No matter which search method you choose to use, the Compliance Vault offers tools to narrow your search to find answers to your questions. If you’re looking for a specific phrase, use quotation marks around the phrase you’re searching to produce a list of materials that include the exact quoted phrase. 

Despite the changing nature of compliance regulations, the ICBA Compliance Vault is an invaluable, reliable search tool you can rely upon to find the answers you’re searching for, better understand how regulatory compliance affects your bank and determine how you can best serve your clients’ needs.

—Sofia Haan

Keeping up with compliance

Learn the latest on compliance and regulation at the ICBA Compliance Institute from Oct. 1–6. Attendees will have the opportunity to study everything from the fundamentals of regulations to industry best practices.