At its core, ICBA focuses on three areas: advocacy, education and innovation. And to bolster its advocacy efforts, ICBA established its own federal political action committee, ICBA PAC, in 1976. For the last 48 years, ICBA’s political action committee has ensured community banks and bankers’ visibility to politicians in Washington, D.C., and nationwide.

“[ICBA PAC works] to support members of the U.S. House and Senate—especially members who sit on committees of key jurisdiction for the financial sector—who have a proven record of being willing to learn about our issues and help move the needle on policies that are good for our banks and bankers,” says Mary Randolph Gannon, ICBA vice president, political operations.

ICBA PAC operates in a nonpartisan way to support federal legislators and candidates, in addition to building relationships with them. In fact, last cycle, 96% of the politicians that ICBA PAC supported succeeded in their bid for re-election. No matter the political affiliation, ICBA PAC will support the policymakers and candidates who are willing and able to advocate for community banks.

How can community bankers ensure ICBA PAC’s success and contribute to its advocacy work? ICBA PAC encourages community bankers to build personal relationships with their members of Congress and be the eyes and ears for ICBA in their state. Additionally, it needs engaged contributors to share with their peers why supporting the political action committee makes an impact. ICBA bank CEOs can do a lot by simply signing a prior authorization form that permits ICBA PAC to call and educate more community bankers about the value their engagement can provide to the industry. These contributions can help greatly in the PAC’s mission.

To see more about the political action committee and sign an ICBA PAC Prior Authorization form, visit

Another way to advocate for community banking

ICBA’s Be Heard Action Center is another important tool for supporting ICBA’s advocacy efforts. There, you can learn about ICBA’s stances on legislation and write letters to policymakers informing them how such laws could help or harm the community banking industry. With the Be Heard Action Center, you can learn how to act effectively and understand how your story can influence policy and grassroots action.

“It’s one thing to hear a story from a lobbyist to a [Congress] member,” says Gannon, “but it means so much more when it comes directly from a banker.”


Strengthen the industry and raise funds for the political action committee at ICBA PAC’s 35th Annual Auction Fundraiser, which takes place at ICBA LIVE, March 16, during a night themed “Growing for Good.” And if you can’t make it to Orlando, you can still support the event by donating an auction item or providing a corporate sponsorship.

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