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ICBA Continues Fighting to Differentiate Community Banks Following Large, Risky Bank Closures

Mar 31, 2023
ICBA and community banks have been on a rollercoaster since the March 10 failure of Silicon Valley Bank, but we have once again proven to be strong and resilient. And we have done it by working together on behalf of our industry and the local communities we serve.

Why ICBA opposes flawed Marshall-Durbin Amendment expansion legislation

Aug 25, 2022
Despite ICBA’s persistent communications on the negative impact of Durbin Amendment interventions on payment card systems, this latest iteration of Durbin only compounds the prior harm and furthers the misguided policies of the past that will inevitably lead to significant disruption in credit markets and consumer spending, if passed.

ICBA Polling on Strong Community Bank Favorability Fuels Successful Capital Summit

May 19, 2022
To support community banker meetings with policymakers on top industry issues, ICBA released new polling data affirming the industry’s strong public favorability at the state and national levels.