I am fascinated by the technological innovations that occurred for vending and self-service machinery during the mid-20th century. The switches and many of the mechanisms have now been replaced by computer chips. The quality of craftsmanship and the innovation it took to create these machines back then are amazing to me.

I have a Coke machine from the 1950s, a “Popperette” that pops and dispenses popcorn while you watch, two Seeburg jukebox machines and two pinball machines from the early 1990s. I remember many of these items from my small town when I was growing up. My favorite memory was playing a song on the jukebox from the booth at the diner.

I also have a 1965 “Frankenstein” Mustang Fastback, made up of cobbled-together parts. It used to be our date night car, but it pretty much rests these days.

I don’t work on the machines too much, but I do enjoy having them around for when the kids and grandkids are home. I guess I am an old guy who likes his toys!