I got my first Converses in fifth grade, a secondhand cream‑colored pair of high-tops from my older cousin. … In seventh grade, I saved up my money to buy red high-tops, and I wore them every day.

I have always had a pair of Chucks since then. I never intended to start a collection—I just liked wearing Chucks. I’ve received many pairs as gifts, and vendors have even Googled me and asked my coworkers for my shoe size.

Every year, I buy Converse’s Pride-edition release. It has a rainbow pattern on the bottom, which is a unique design to the shoes. At ASB, we embrace and support customers and teammates from all backgrounds.

I own a pair in every color of the rainbow and in designs that celebrate different holidays of the year.

Our summer interns gifted me a pair of Converses during their graduation ceremony. It was custom-designed with drawings of special memories from their internship. I also have a few pairs with ASB’s logo and our signature kalo leaf design.