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ICBA’s Rebrand: Writing the Next Chapter for Community Banking

I have had the privilege of leading this remarkable organization over the past five years, and one of my biggest learnings and joys has been witnessing the shared passion for our industry, not only from our dedicated members, but also from our devoted staff. Our mission is central to everything we do, and the pride that comes from that every day is nothing short of inspiring.

Much like the community banks we serve, ICBA is continuously evolving, growing, and building momentum. As we approached a rebrand and what it would mean to the evolution of our identity and future positioning, our research amongst a community banking audience confirmed a deep sense of pride and enthusiasm associated with the ICBA name, particularly among our members. So, you may be wondering, "Why a rebrand?" That answer is grounded in two simple yet crucial facts:

  • First, the landscape of our industry has evolved. As ICBA has expanded to meet the changing needs of community banks with new products, services, and subsidiaries, we recognized the need to reevaluate how we present the full spectrum of what is available under the trusted ICBA brand and our three core pillars of Advocacy, Education and Innovation.

  • Second, and arguably most importantly, our new brand provides us with the opportunity to authentically convey our uniqueness. Just as community banking is distinct, so is ICBA. Our new brand—encompassing everything from our visual identity, logo, to our voice and tone—proudly embodies this distinctiveness.

No other organization can compete with ICBA’s unwavering and clear dedication to its one mission: community banks. And no other entity unites community bankers the way we do—especially when that engagement and momentum is needed most.

This powers the potential in all of us who unite under the brand, the mission, the meaning behind ICBA. This strength, resilience, and positive impact will lead us to a bright future no matter what comes our way.

It’s with this conviction, confidence, and determination that I proudly welcome you to explore the new ICBA brand and all that we offer.

We are so very proud to serve you, community bankers, and know that as you evolve, ICBA will be with you every step of the way.